Energy and environment

Effectively managing methane emissions

Natural gas is a versatile fuel, capable of powering utilities, homes and transportation. It also emits significantly fewer pollutants than coal power generation, including NOx, SOx, particulates, mercury, and up to 60 percent fewer GHGs. As confirmed by the International Energy Agency, methane emissions do not negate the substantial climate change benefits of natural gas versus coal, but mitigating emissions can further enhance those benefits. This is a key component of ExxonMobil’s approach to developing future energy technology. The company continues to implement cost-effective methods to reduce methane and other hydrocarbon emissions in our operations.

Taking action

Enhancing a program to reduce methane emissions

ExxonMobil subsidiary XTO Energy recently expanded its methane emissions reduction initiative and signed onto the Environmental Partnership, a new industry program to reduce emissions from natural gas and oil production.

ExxonMobil has a long track record of understanding and managing its methane emissions from unconventional resources development, including hydraulic fracturing. These efforts include regulatory compliance, voluntary actions, and research conducted with academic institutions, non-governmental organizations and government agencies.

7M CO2-equivalent tonnes

of methane emissions in 2017, which is similar to our performance over the past several years


of our direct greenhouse gas emissions are methane
Our comprehensive initiative is underscored by a technology research and testing effort, and includes personnel training, equipment phaseout and facility design improvements.
Sarah Ortwein
Sara Ortwein

XTO President

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XTO Energy methane emissions reduction program ExxonMobil subsidiary XTO Energy recently expanded its methane emissions reduction initiative and signed onto the Environmental Partnership in an effort to further reduce emissions associated with our operations.

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